Sync Outlook Contacts with iPhone or Ipad

Outlook is another fabulous emailing service from Microsoft Corporation. What makes it more useful is the ability to sync the contacts with iPhones.

If you have an iPhone, then you can download Outlook on your device and synchronize the connections with your phone. While performing the sync, it is general to face the problems in settings provoking to the failure of synchronization.

Sync Outlook Contacts with iPhone

If you are an Outlook user as well as an iPhone holder, you might have tried or wanted to sync your Outlook contacts with iPhone. If you have no idea about the process, don’t hesitate to follow the guide to synchronize your contacts with your phone.

Here’s how to sync Outlook contacts with your iPhone
Open the Settings menu in your iPhone.
Go to Accounts and Passwords.
Tap on Add Account.
Tap com from the list.
Now, enter the email address and phone number.
Tap Next to enter the password for your account.
Now, select Sign in.
The device will ask for permission to access your Outlook account.
Tap Yes to allow the access.
In your Outlook account, tap the Contacts toggle button to switch on sync.
Tap Save from the upper right corner of the display.
There is another method to sync the Contacts with PC. However, you must have iCloud and Outlook in your computer system.

How to sync your Outlook contacts with your PC
Open the Start menu and search
Click to open iCloud.
Sign in with your Apple ID.
Tick mark Mail, Contact, Calendars, and Tasks option.
The option will add your Outlook and sync the data with iPhone.
Click Apply from the bottom of the wizard.
Now, the process is complete, and your Outlook data like Calendar, Tasks, Mails, and Contacts will sync.
Well, there are other more options like Exchange and iTunes to synchronize the Outlook Contacts along with other data. The Exchange service might be provided in the Accounts and Passwords section of Settings menu in iPhone’s. The process is straightforward, and now as you know how to create sync, you can efficiently use the other methods as well.

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