How to Prevent Power Outages on Your Computer

What a power outage is capable of doing to your computer?

Let us take an example in context to this. Let’s suppose you are working on a very important office project, and you can’t afford to lose any of its content as it’s one of the most significant projects you’re working on. Suddenly, the power goes out, and now you know that you’ve lost your project work. It’ll be a great loss.

The same goes for the system files. If, in any case, you were updating or making changes to your files and the power goes off, the files will corrupt, that means you’ve lost your files too. This is why Windows 10 keeps displaying alert messages, not to turn off y0our computer while updating files.

What a power surge is capable of doing to your computer?

Normally, you wait for the power to return and resume working or look for solutions to whatever files you’ve lost. This might not be a good idea when it’s a power surge as it is capable of doing a lot more than a power outage.

A power surge can lead to complete shutting down of your PC, which might not work later due to overloading and hence, need to be replaced.

How to prevent your PC from power outages and surges?

There are two ways by which you can prevent your computer.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

UPS i.e. Uninterruptible Power Supply, refrains your computer from shutting down instantly when the power goes off. Instead, it works as a battery backup and supplies power to your PC for a short while.

Setting up a UPS prevents your PC from shutting down, which means a power outage can not harm your system. Also, you get a little time to save whatever you’re working with and shut down your computer.

UPS comes with a lot of models with different performing actions, which can vary in cost. You can go for whatever is best for you, as spending a little extra is way better than replacing the computer itself.

Replace your computer with a Laptop

A Laptop is the best option to prevent any power outages and surges as it comes with a battery and will not affect you even if the power goes off. Yes, you’ll have to invest once, but it will prevent any further damages due to power surges.

PC’s also cause hard drive issues, while on the other hand, Laptops allow you to upgrade your hard drive whenever you need to.

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